About Play Under Review

Play Under Review’s sole purpose is to help me come to grips with the more bizarre, wacky, lame, and unusual topics that seem to bombard us day in and day.  And for some reason my favorite stories manifest thanks to the World of Sports.  Yes, I am a sports fanatic, which means Yes, I’m also a fantasy sports freak as well.  But my mission here is to analyze the issues that surround the games more than I analyze actual games.  And it won’t be all sports either, I’ll be tackling other topics as well.

I’ll be reviewing my favorite stories on a daily basis, sifting through the craziness until I find one article/story that grab me and won’t let go.  I want to review the siutation that occured much like an Official in sports would analize a replay to make a better informed decision.  I’ll my own editorial and hopefully my point of view either inspires your own or causes a little contrversy, either way I’m I’d like to hear back.

I won’t shy away from telling you exactly how I feel, I promise you this much.  And I hope you enjoy the photos I provide as well, they might be my favorite part! You may find I write about Southern California sports the most, even though I’m a resident of San Francisco.  Love the city, hate the sports teams here… and that’s not going to change. 

Now that I’ve lost half my audience, and kept the good half, thanks for reading my material and hope you enjoy! 

 ~ Andre Bataller


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