Posted by: cali4dre | September 22, 2009

Another fine example of how Facebook Ruins Lives

Questionable Practice

Questionable Practice


So Med School students are in fact dumber than they look… at least according to this AP story above.
Take a look, anything strike you as a bit contrite?   Everything??



Ok, here’s my favorite part of the Article…

"Professional" Quotes

Learning the Hard Way

I have to agree with the professional trendspotter, if what she said seems really obvious, that would be because IT IS.  Medical students are in fact young adults, not monkeys or tables, young adults.  And young adults are prone to making stupid mistakes, for which we have social networking sites such as Facebook to help remind us.  But you would think someone who has passed an MCAT and received fairly decent grades in undergrad would be smart enough to not post ridiculous and incriminating evidence on-line.  Apparently not.

Oh, and Susan Barnes, let’s hope it does come back to haunt them because we’re talking about adults making these mistakes, not elementary or junior high kids.  These are supposed to be our best and brightest, the cream of the educational crop left in charge of our livelihood in many cases.  Do YOU want someone who was immature enough to take advantage of their position at school and work at any time in their career? 

Doctor-Patient-Lawyer PrivilegeUpon Further Review: Perhaps going to Med School is a Right for those who work extremely hard, but it’s definitely not a Luxury and will always be a Privilege.  Let us allow those who don’t understand or appreciate this concept weed themselves out through Natural Selection.  Thank you Facebook (and YouTube), job well done! 

Sad to say, laughter is not ALWAYS the best medicine…



  1. If you are really that worried about something coming up from your past on FB, you probably weren’t qualified for the job in the first place! I don’t agree with the prying of personal lives by employers. If people really did do a bunch of retarted stuff that was posted on FB or wherever then they should solve their own problem by deleting their profile, so their future employers can’t see their shaky past… you should check out our blog

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